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Executive having a discussion by a window with the sun beaming through a nearby window.

About the division

The Executive Division generally consists of professionals with specialty degrees, including business management, law and finance. They generally possess management skills and have expertise within the utility and regulatory environments.

CEO / General manager

Our executive division encompasses the CEO/general manager, the legal, compliance and internal audit departments. In addition to the strategic business plan set by the CEO/general manager, responsibilities include communicating, collaborating and complying with AECI board members to meet the power needs of member-owners and ensuring strategic goals and state and federal compliance issues are followed and met. Additionally, operating the cooperative in accordance with state and federal regulations is a top priority for the cooperative.

Legal department

Our legal department provides legal counsel, compliance monitoring and representation for AECI in business affairs affecting the cooperative. Its function includes protecting AECI’s legal rights, furthering the business goals of the cooperative, and ensuring operations are carried out in accordance with current laws and regulations. AECI is committed to being a leader in its industry and in compliance with pertinent regulations.

Compliance department

The compliance department ensures that AECI is aware of and in compliance with requirements relating to NERC reliability standards. In addition, this department manages the compliance regulatory requirements relating to information services.

Audit services

The audit services department is primarily responsible for all activities surrounding operational and contractual audits at AECI and member locations. This division provides strategic leadership for the cooperative and ensures compliance regarding standards, contracts, state and federal laws.

Our executive team

Meet the team charged with determining the strategic direction of our cooperative