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We are an electric cooperative

Nearly 875,000 homes, farms and businesses count on their rural electric cooperatives to deliver electricity 24/7. And they do with power from Associated, the wholesale power supplier to six regional and 51 local electric cooperatives in Missouri, southeast Iowa and northeast Oklahoma.

Associated Electric Cooperative is owned by the six generation and transmission cooperatives (G&Ts) that formed it in 1961 to provide a reliable, low-cost wholesale power supply. Those six G&Ts are owned by 51 distribution cooperatives, which are owned by nearly 875,000 home, business and industry owners at the end of the line.

AECI’s mission is to provide an economical and reliable power supply and support services to its members.

We meet our mission with focus and dedication -- and a mix of generation and high-voltage transmission assets, including two large coal plants where much of our workforce is located, combined-cycle natural gas plants, peaking gas plants, contracted hydropower, wind energy and our energy efficiency program.

While we all have different roles within Associated, we're all working to meet our mission with the vision of being the lowest-cost wholesale power supplier.

We are member-owned, member-driven

In contrast, investor-owned utilities, called IOUs, are owned by shareholders. The utility answers to those shareholders on profits and operations. Municipal utilities are owned by the cities they serve, but their customers are not directly involved in the governance of the utility.

Electric cooperatives are different. As private, independent electric utilities, co-ops are democratically governed businesses organized under seven cooperative principles. This makes it easier for co-ops to put customers first, because the customers are the owners.

Associated is guided by cooperative principles that reflect the best interests of members: voluntary and open membership, democratic member control, members' economic participation, autonomy and independence, education, training and information, cooperation among cooperatives and concern for community.

Cooperatives are democratic organizations controlled by their members, who actively participate in setting policies and making decisions.

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