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Did you know

Transmission lines

Cooperative facts

  • 5,655 megawatts of generation serving more than 910,000 meters
  • Diverse mix of technologies and resources: wind, hydro, gas, coal and energy efficiency
  • One of the largest generation and transmission cooperatives in the nation.
  • More than 10,160 miles of high-voltage transmission lines, as well as related substations
  • Wind power – first in Missouri.
  • Number of employees: about 670 full time, plus interns across the cooperative
  • Three main locations: Headquarters, New Madrid Power Plant and Thomas Hill Energy Center.

AECI builds strong and flexible financial position

Associated Electric continues to improve its competitive position by strengthening its balance sheet, operating efficiently, proactively managing risk and preparing to meet significant challenges in the future.

Our financial position and credit ratings continue to be among the best in the country.

Diverse generation and transmission assets

  • 5,106 MW of capacity among eight power plant sites in three states
  • Contracts for 478 MW of hydropower and 768 MW of wind power from six wind farms (four Missouri wind farms, one in south-central Kansas and one in Oklahoma). Associated was the first to partner with wind energy developers in Missouri and remains a leading provider of Missouri wind power.
  • Added its first natural gas plant in 1999, followed by more natural gas and dual-fuel units
  • Renewable hydropower met 6 percent of member load in 2018.
  • Wind energy met 12 percent of members' energy needs in 2018.
  • Transacts business with investor-owned and municipal utilities, electric cooperatives, power marketing firms and regional transmission organizations to bring in revenue that helps offset costs otherwise borne by member-owners.

Three tiers - united by a common purpose

Find out how we serve our members at each "tier"