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Portrait of Landon, engineer, with hardhat and safety glasses on turbine deck

Meet Landon, the mojo behind our mission

After careers in automotive mechanics and landscaping, Landon earned his degree in engineering and found his niche. He started with Associated as an intern in the air quality group, then interned with the thermal performance group, moving to a full time job in that field at Thomas Hill Energy Center. He was there three years, focusing on those units before moving to the Springfield office for fleetwide responsibilities. The best thing about his job, he said, is the diverse workload. “I get to do something different each week … There’s always an opportunity to learn something and always an opportunity to look at something different.”

Along with his work in thermal performance and testing for the cooperative’s generating fleet, Landon is also the program mentor for Associated’s engineering rotational development program in Power Production.

Associated provides total compensation package

In addition to competitive pay, Associated offers benefits that support your career and well-being and make it an excellent place to work. Its well-rounded compensation package has two main components: base pay and benefits, which include healthcare, wellness, retirement saving and planning.

As a competitive employer of choice, Associated staff regularly benchmarks its compensation and benefits package with other utilities and leading employers nationwide.

Review components of its benefits package below.

The cooperative pays 100 percent of the health care coverage for each employee and 85 percent of the employee’s eligible dependents’ coverage. Coverage begins on the first day of employment.

The cooperative pays the full premium for employee-only dental coverage for nonunion employees. The employee may elect (and pay for) dental coverage for their eligible dependents. Union employees have the opportunity to elect dental coverage for themselves and eligible dependents.

The cooperative pays the premium for employee basic life and accidental death & dismemberment insurance. Employees may purchase additional life insurance coverage for eligible dependents.

All premiums are paid by the cooperative. This plan pays 66-2/3 percent of your base salary should you become disabled and unable to perform your job duties.

All premiums are paid by the cooperative. This plan pays 70% of base salary for nonunion employees and 66.6% of base salary for union-represented employees should they become disabled and unable to perform their job duties.

PTO can be used when an employee is sick, for a vacation, or for any other personal business. All new nonunion employees shall earn forty (40) hours of PTO on their date of hire. After the initial accrual, nonunion employees shall earn 13.33 hours per month after their third month of service. Union employees accrue 13.33 hours per full month worked and have a six-month waiting period before accrued PTO may be used.

  1. New Year’s Day
  2. President’s Day
  3. Good Friday
  4. Memorial Day
  5. Independence Day
  6. Labor Day
  7. Veterans Day
  8. Thanksgiving Day
  9. Day after Thanksgiving
  10. Christmas Eve day
  11. Christmas day

In addition to these paid holidays, Associated provides nonunion employees the option to float two holidays -- President's Day and Labor Day, giving employees flexibility in how and when they use these two holidays.

Other leave benefits include court leave, voting, death in family, funeral leave, Family and Medical Leave and military leave. Nonunion employees also may be provided paid leave for family planning, including adoption.

Nonunion employees are eligible to enroll the first of the month following their first 30 days of service and have worked at least 84 hours in a calendar month. Associated Electric Cooperative will provide a base contribution of 6 percent of salary after 30 days of service. After one year of service, the cooperative will match 100 percent of employee contributions up to 7 percent of base salary. Employees may elect to invest in a variety of investment funds.

Union employees are eligible to enroll the first of the month following one year of employment. After one year of service, the cooperative will provide a base contribution of 6 percent of salary and match 100 percent of employee contributions up to 7 percent of base salary after the appropriate waiting periods. Employees may elect to invest in a variety of investment funds.

To assist in planning for retirement, Associated partners with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) to provide employees with retirement and financial planning seminars. 

After one year of employment, the cooperative will reimburse employees for tuition and required book fees. The class must be taken at an accredited institution, and the employee must complete the course with a grade of “C” or above. Employees must remain employed at AECI for three years or a reimbursement to AECI will be scheduled.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential resources, support and counseling services to help all employees and their family members resolve issues affecting the quality of life at home or work. The EAP also includes up to six free counseling sessions annually per health plan participant.

To support our employees involvement in the community, Associated offers a matching funds program to enhance employee giving. Employees who donate to support qualified 501(c)3 public charities are eligible for matching support up to $100 from the cooperative.

The information on this website is not intended to describe or summarize the terms of Associated Electric’s compensation and benefit plans nor is it the official plan document for those plans. In the event of any conflict, inconsistency or ambiguity between the information on this website and the official plan documents, the terms of the official plan documents will be controlling. Associated Electric reserves the right to modify, amend, change, revoke, suspend or terminate its compensation and benefit plans, in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason.

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