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Information Services

Photo of Rosalinda, application analyst, with mural behind her. Key word is Problem-solver. Quote is: “I like that I am constantly thinking, constantly helping to come up with solutions to problems and issues. I am happiest when I am helping to improve people’s worlds.”

Meet Rosalinda, the mojo behind our mission

Her desire to grow her career and technical skills propelled Rosalinda from her starting position as an administrative assistant 14 years ago to application analyst, where she’s assisted the G&Ts on Nextcloud setup, added video capability to electronic billboards for employee communications, worked on SharePoint implementation and more.

Now she’s part of a team implementing an enterprise asset management program. Her part is ensuring the new system works well for accounts payable, work orders, inventory and power plant warehouses. “I’ve had to become more creative and learn the data and system processes they use … to reconfigure the new system to meet their needs – and make it better,” she said.

She stays at Associated because of its mission to serve members, its community focus, work/life balance, the people, challenges and hard work. “I work with some really great people here. … The people are genuine and sincere. They challenge you to do better and give you the opportunity to grow.

“Not everyone is lucky enough to work here. If you get the opportunity, you should take it and hold onto it.”


Technology is integral to everything we do at Associated

Associated has information workers in every aspect of the cooperative's business, from the auxiliary operator making daily rounds and decisions at a power plant to the board member evaluating strategic options for the future.

Information Services staff works to meet the needs of all stakeholders, and the division is guided by three key components of its mission:

  • Empower people to do their job effectively and efficiently.
  • Protect people and operations from mishaps and maliciousness.
  • Connect people through data, systems, business processes and road mapping.

Division moves into new, collaborative workspace

An employee-led team steered the design and build-out of the third floor in Springfield to bring together the diverse teams that comprise the Information Services Division. The new space, finished in spring 2020, is designed with neighborhoods as the central element. Each neighborhood is located on the outer edge of the floor. Meeting rooms and larger collaboration areas are located in the center of the floor to break up sight lines and give each neighborhood privacy for local collaboration and focus. Mobile desks and modular furniture, along with intricately themed murals, complement the design, which allows flexibility to meet present and future needs. 

Join our innovative, talented IS teams

Some division facts:

  • 60-plus talented professionals supporting multiple locations.
  • On-premise enterprise infrastructure working in concert with cloud infrastructure.
  • Innovative, in-house developed solutions.
  • State-of-the-art purchased implementations.
  • Collaborative environment and culture.
  • Supported areas include plant operations, transmission operations, corporate solutions, communications, security and many more.

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Ready to work for an award-winning organization?

As my first internship, Associated has been a very positive experience. ... When you enjoy both what you're doing and who you're doing it with, that's the best of both worlds. And that's the kind of community you find at Associated throughout the organization. I couldn't have asked for better.

Sarah, programming intern

Excellent benefits

Associated Electric provides an excellent benefit package most other employers are unable to match.