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Our locations

Photo of Naomi at her desk, with key word of Teamwork and this quote: “I like the team I’m working with, in Power Production, at Thomas Hill, the New Madrid safety team. … It’s a group of very brilliant individuals. It’s good to be part of that team.” Naomi, safety and health specialist

Meet Naomi, the mojo behind our mission

Naomi started with Associated in 2018 with a five-month training program that began at Thomas Hill Energy Center. She shadowed staff in every department, learning technologies, how equipment works, the different processes and regulations, acronyms and overall plant operations. Next, she did the same at New Madrid Power Plant – gaining perspectives that help her do her job and keep others safe and well today and 30 years from now, so they can enjoy retirement and family, she said. “I see myself as the bridge between two worlds, the regulations and the everyday life of a welder or craftsperson, to help employees understand why safety processes are the way they are.”

Serving across three states

Associated operates its Headquarters in Springfield, Missouri, and has additional staffed locations in northeast Oklahoma, southwest and central Missouri, southeast Missouri and northeast Arkansas. Each of these employment locations offers a great environment to work, raise a family and engage in the community.

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Environmental stewardship

We’ve balanced our responsibilities to produce clean, affordable, reliable electricity, which has never been easy or inexpensive, and our commitment to environmental stewardship has never wavered.