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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your questions about applying for jobs at Associated Electric Cooperative.

To express interest in employment at AECI, please visit the Job Applicant website to inquire about open positions. Each job posting references a link to apply for the position online. In order for supervisors to review application materials promptly, please upload any supporting documents (i.e., résumé, references, cover letter, transcripts) to the online application. If you do not have access to the link, you may visit our office to submit an application. (Online applications will be processed faster than paper applications.)

Each hiring supervisor is different; however, the typical process is to recruit for applicants, review documents as they are submitted, then begin contacting applicants to schedule interviews. Some supervisors prefer to conduct phone interviews prior to on-site interviews. Once the hiring decision is made, a background investigation is completed, and the job offer is extended. Once the offer is accepted, a pre-employment physical is completed, and the final offer is made.

It is AECI’s policy not to give contact information to external applicants. If, after you apply, it is determined that your skills and abilities match our hiring needs, you will be contacted directly for an interview.

A letter is sent either via email, if provided, or via regular mail to notify applicants when a job has been filled.

Jobs are posted as they become vacant. Fortunately, AECI’s turnover is relatively low, so recruitment doesn’t take place all that often.

The Human Resources representative discusses the specifics of the salary for each position during the final stages of the hiring process. Our compensation and benefits plans are based on national benchmarking studies to ensure they are competitive. Our salaries are based on the market value of the position and take into consideration an applicant's experience and education.

Yes, in some cases. In other cases we try to recruit local talent. We recommend applying for positions that you think are the best fit for you and are located in your geographical preference.

No. The position must be posted on our website in order for you to apply.

If the two positions are very similar, one application can be completed. If the two positions are in different divisions, separate applications need to be completed.

Prior to submitting the online application, you will be asked if you want to upload any additional documents. When you choose to upload the document(s), it will allow you to browse and attach your document.

To be considered for a position, you must complete an application. We strongly encourage our applicants to submit an electronic application. This permits faster and more efficient processing of your application.

We are constantly striving to improve our site and we appreciate your comments. If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please send an email to

You do not need to call or email to confirm we received your documents. You will be notified via email that your documents were successfully submitted after you click the “submit” button at the end of the application process.

If you forget to upload or mail documents, you can either mail the documents to our physical address or email them to with a note referencing the position you have applied for.

In order for us to determine if your application matches our screening criteria, we recommend that you fill out as many fields as possible in the application pages (work experience, education, etc.) and submit a resume with your application.

A full-time position is considered at least 40 hours per week, year-round, with paid benefits, vacation and holidays. Temporary and Internship positions are used interchangeably – meaning an employee who works less than 1,000 hours per year, is enrolled in an educational curriculum, and is not paid benefits, vacation or holidays.

Yes. It is the student’s responsibility to present the curriculum/standards to the Human Resources Division prior to accepting the position. All of our positions are paid; however, AECI encourages students to get college credit for the work performed.

The hiring supervisor and human resources representative do their best at reviewing the application documents as they are submitted; however, should you become curious of your status, you can email


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